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Biometric Time & Attendance Machines

Scanning finger on a fingerprint access control

Using old methods for time tracking using manual methods are very laborious and time-consuming. It’s very difficult to process and also hinders the growth and expansion of your Organisation.  The full potential of an Organisation can only be reached when there is an efficient internal system that is scalable and effective.

Biometric attendance machines are used to verify the identity of a person. The characteristics used to identify a person include fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, face recognition, and hand measurements.

It provides an accurate track of your employees &  it is difficult for anyone to fake their attendance. Also, Biometric attendance systems allow keeping track of any number of employees simultaneously without any errors or mistakes

As one person cannot reasonably mimic the biomarkers of another person, biometric attendance systems eliminate buddy punching altogether.

  1. A Biometric attendance system will help to eliminate the use of paper-based attendance tracking and erroneous calculations. Paper-based monitoring is completely avoided
  2. Errors in attendance can be costly to companies. Inaccuracies in tracking attendance can be eliminated using Biometric Machines as it is not possible to forge or duplicate the attributes of these machines.
  3. The precious time of employers can be saved enormously by avoiding manual attendance. Based on the clock-in and clock-out time, each employee’s total time can be calculated easily. Also, attendance reports can be downloaded and any employee’s report can be viewed.
  4. Biometric systems are more secure and data can’t be stolen from these devices. Proxy attendance chances are also eliminated.  With integrated access control functionalities  Theft and unauthorised access is also eliminated as nobody can enter the premise without accessing the biometric machine.
  5. Increases Employee Morale – Like using biometric attendance systems to identify lazy employees, it can also be used to distinguish exemplary employees as well.
  6. Increases Accountability – Accountability is necessary for being able to consistently  & accurately assign rewards & punishments. When someone takes too long of a break, arrive late or leave early, and does not even arrive at all, Biometric attendance systems allow you to quickly and accurately identify it.
  7. Simplifies Payroll – By paper-based attendance mechanism, tracking employee hours, verifying and collating payroll can be a laborious, time-consuming, and expensive process. Biometric attendance systems simplify this process and made it an automated process with no additional overhead. With integrations to the payroll systems, it’s easier for the HR team to compute employee salaries quickly and perfectly. Many biometric attendance systems also integrate with some of the most popular payroll software and services already on the market.
  8. Physical Contact is Not Required – Contactless biometric attendance systems can mitigate the spread of pathogens in your organization, it makes sense to implement biometric systems that can scan employees’ irises and faces.

Installing a biometric attendance system in the organization is the first step to enhancing its security and increasing the productivity of your employees.

Biometric machines require internet connectivity. USB connectivity can be additional to have a backup of the data quickly using an external device.

Different types of biometric machines are available which are rugged, durable, and can work in extreme temperatures especially if the organisation attracts a lot of dirt and dust.

The advantages of biometric attendance systems far outweigh the initial cost of setting them up.

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