POINT OF SALE System – POS Machines

POS machines or Point of Sale Systems are used for all business needs from Restaurants, Retail, Warehouse, Salons from small and large scale businesses. Initially, these were basic Cash Registers. Even though it just kept a record of each sale, it made the job easy. The modern POS Machines (Retail POS Machines) evolved a lot and it does way beyond the basic functions of old cash registers. It automates the retail transactions which are part of the checkout process.  It cut down the potential of mistakes and improves accuracy

Components of POS Machines


  1. Monitors – It will be a touch screen where the user will input the details
  2. Cash Drawer – To store the daily cash floats
  3. Barcode Scanner – Use to scan product barcodes which is linked to POS machines for stock level counts as its updates the inventory automatically
  4. Receipt Printer – Use to print the receipts (bill) to customer
  5. Card machines – These devices are used for payment where the debit/credit cards will be swiped.
  6. Network Devices – Use to connect the POS machines to a wifi network to connect online or to link up with other systems in the organization. Example – Wifi router, Hub or a modem


  1. Cloud-Based or Standalone software will be installed in POS machines

Key Features
– Quick keys
– Customer-facing display / Pole Display
– Quick checkouts
– Inventory Management
– Reports
– Customer management
– Loyalty Programs


Eayspos – A leading manufacturer of POS machines comes with a different configuration of POS Machines to cater to the needs of different business sectors.
EasyPos EPPS202 Touch Screen POS System – The new launch from Easypos
It comes with a 15-inch Capacitive touch screen, Celeron J1900 processor, 4Gb RAM, 128GB SSD Hard Disk, VFD, MSR 3 Track.
Check out the complete EasyPos Pos Machines variants here
Check out Toshiba POS Machine models here

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