Barcode Printers also called Label Printers are manufactured to print ‘Barcode Labels’ for Products that require a unique code. Barcodes are using everywhere from products to tickets, household items. Complete Barcode systems consist of barcode scanners, mobile computers, barcode labels, barcode software etc.

Depend upon the size of the machines Barcode Printers are divided into 2 types, Desktop Label Printers, which are suitable to keep on a table which can print up to a width of 4 inches and Industrial Label Printers are heavier which are used for high-performance print jobs which best suitable in distributions, manufacturing, logistics etc
Desktop Label Printers are mainly used in offices which print regularly and relatively small quantity. Industrial Printers which are designed to print very large quantities are designed for warehouse and companies.

Printing Technologies used by barcode printers are of 2 types: Thermal Transfer (TT) and Direct Thermal (DT). Thermal Transfer technology uses ribbon for printing, where heat from the printer head melts a waxy substance in the ribbon. Direct Thermal technology also used heat where it does a chemical reaction on special papers used in these machines called Thermal papers/rolls.
Connectivities used by barcode printers vary from – USB, Ethernet and Wireless/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Desktop Barcode Printer
Industrial Barcode Printer

Which barcode printer to choose from?

Depending on a few factors, where the printer will be used, connectivity needed a number of prints you need to take. If you are running a small scale business, mostly need to print shipping labels desktop barcode printers is a good choice. If you are running manufacturing out you need to print thousands of labels Industrial Barcode Printers are of good choice.

Leading brands

ZEBRA which is a leading barcode printer manufacturing comes with different models. Posmea is a Zebra Premium Partner. Bixolon, Easypos, Honeywell are few other leading brands.

Where to buy Barcode Printers in UAE, Oman, KSA, Dubai? is an ideal place to buy barcode printers online. Zebra Premium Partner and authroised distributor of all leading brands. As Posmea stocks items, ships item fast.

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