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The main interaction between your company and buyers often comes at POS. You need speedy and accurate transactions to keep your lanes flowing error-free and smooth and also keep your customer retention on the higher side. make them return every time. Zebra’s 2D Array Imagers also improve productivity – giving you the ability to capture the data that matters most. Zebra’s 2D imagers capture the data you need, even if you are scanning using traditional printed 1D barcodes or a 2D mobile coupon presented from your mobile application. With the most comprehensive range of purpose-built 2D imagers on the market; there’s one built for your business, it will help to improve customer service, increase customer loyalty and increase sales too.

barcode scanning from a mobile device screen

Capture The Sale, Every Way

Read all Barcodes
Sales associates can capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in any condition, which are damaged, torn, badly printed or difficult to read, with high speed. Zebra’s Imagers can also read barcodes on the screen of a mobile device, to enable mobile loyalty and coupon applications.

Read Multiple Barcodes
When you need to capture important product information embedded in multiple barcodes on a package or work order, reading multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull is easily possible with Zebra’s multi-code technology. This makes it a quick and easy task, reading multiple barcodes in a single trigger pull.

Omni Directional Scanning
Speed checkout and keep lines moving, as there’s no need to align the device with the barcode.

Enhanced Range
Many of Zebra’s 2D imagers offer an enhanced range, enabling cashiers to scan barcodes from a greater distance, so there’s no need to handle a customer’s mobile device or delay a checkout line by leaving the cash wrap to reach a barcode which is particularly useful when scanning large and bulky items or those at the bottom of a cart.

Do More Business
Keep Sales Lanes Flowing And Improve Customer Loyalty

Unbeatable performance
Zebra’s 2D Imagers provide the class-leading performance necessary to enhance the customer experience – supporting a variety of value-added applications that drive your business forward.


Barcodes are delivered electronically which are scanned off the screen of a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices:
• Mobile discount coupons, online discounts which are easier, faster and less expensive to implement, these offers are more likely to be redeemed, which results in repeat visits.

Mobile loyalty applications – For the loyalty programs, it provides great convenience by upgrading the membership cards from plastic cards to mobile devices, as the mobile app is always in hand. Rewarding repeat purchases increase sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty while enabling your business to create more targeted, personalized offers.

• Mobile payments, including using gift cards on mobile apps – easy to use to pay for purchases, they increase customer satisfaction as there’s no worry about carrying cash or credit cards.


A Zebra 2D imager enables you to scan any high-end items which often have more than one barcode in its label and scan these barcodes simultaneously to populate a database.
• For use in warranty or product registration, it is quick to enter information such as item number, manufacture date etc.

• It makes it easier to access accurate, real-time information about what you received, when you received it, and what shape it was in. Pricing accuracy and visibility can be increase which will increase the service levels.

Zebra 2D Technology – Why to choose??
A 2D imager to suit every retailer – with a broad portfolio ranging in size and portability from hands-free and handheld to fixed mount there is a scanner for all types of environment in the retail industry.

Great Zebra 2D Imagers for retail
MP6000 – Multiplane bioptic imager
DS4308 – Handheld corded imager
DS9808 – Hybrid handheld/handsfree imager
DS6878 – Cordless Bluetooth 2D imager
CS4070 – 2D Companion imager
DS4800 – Customizable imager

Go with the number one – a barcode pioneer for more than 35 years, there’s over 2000 years of collective experience among our research and development team. Zebra has a long history of firsts – from developing the first handheld scanner to creating the first RFID/2D Imager in one device.

Innovative, easy-to-manage technology – Zebra’s 123Scan2 utility makes configuring your imager quick and easy. SMS, Zebra Scanner Management Service, lets you manage your imager fleet from a central location. And Zebra Software Development Kit gives you the flexibility to truly customize your solution for specific tasks and bespoke systems.

Built for retail – so Zebra scanners meet the particular challenges and changes affecting retailers today.

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