zebra tc 25


There are a lot of smartphone choices. But when it comes to work, the TC25 wins.

When it comes to running a small business, there’s so much to do — and never enough time.
-Your workers are out in the field but need instant answers to questions.
-You need to know where your workforce is so you can dispatch the closest worker to the next job.
-You need to track parts as they are used in repairs and ensure all appropriate charges are passed on to customers — instead of your bottom line.
-You need to be able to document proof of service. proof of delivery and proof of condition — without adding time-consuming processes.

The right device. The right features. The right service. And the right price. Only from ZEBRA – the leader in business mobility, bringing 45 years of innovation and the power of big business technology to your small business.

Now. you can do it all with the TC25. All the features you need to work better, faster and smarter, Instead of longer and harder

  • A ‘just right’ durable design that can stand up to all-day use in the field without breaking the bank
  • A real barcode scanner for real-time savings.
  • A walkie-talkie to instantly reach co-workers and supervisors.
  • A unique PowerPack for constant battery power
  • Accessories that make it easier than ever to tackle tasks.
  • Affordable service to keep your Zebra TC25 smartphones up and running.
ZEBRA TC25 Rugged Mobile Computer

What can you do with the Zebra TC25?
Save time, save money, increase sales and boost profitability.

Built for work – Go ahead – drop it, get it wet, use it in the freezing cold or blazing heat

See it all – See all the information you need on the large-but-still-pocketable 4.3-inch display

Integrated 1-click barcode scanning – A real barcode scanner provides instant point-and-shoot camera-style capture of any barcode, electronic or printed- in any condition

Document it all – Turn anything into a document with the 8 MP autofocus camera – capture the condition of a package or shipment at the time of delivery, proof service was completed and more

All-day power always – Running on empty? Just snap on the unique PowerPack, designed especially for the TC25 to preserve ergonomics and balance.

Doubles as a walkie-talkie – You get two devices in one – a rugged smartphone and a rugged walkie talkie – along with secure text messaging.

The service you need at a price you can afford – Optional Zebra OneCare SV service gives you the right level of protection for two years – all for the fraction of the cost of a single uncovered repair.

Superfast wireless – 4G and VoLTE deliver HD calling for exceptional voice clarity. And with three to six times the bandwidth of 2G or 3G, you get lightning-fast application performance.

Easiest Charging Ever – The ultra-versatile cradle lets you charge it your way. The PowerPack and the TC25 individually -or the TC25 with attached accessories.

Start using barcode data today – Use barcode data right now to instantly boost productivity and service – no need to program or change the apps you are using today.

No Learning curve – Get a smartphone simplicity for real business features. Three buttons take you right to your most used features and apps. You can see the screen inside and outdoors and more.

Accessories -Accessories help you work better smarter – including a snap-on trigger handle that makes it easy to scan shipments, parts or tools to ensure workers start the day with trucks properly loaded, a holster for hand-free convenience, a wireless keyfob for fast and easy DEX connectivity and more.

The best of Android – Android Nougat delivers cool features and familiar interface that combine with Zebra’s Mobility DNA – a family of apps that odd many new features and capabilities to the TC25 – to make doing business easier.

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